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Do you remember when you were young and you got those big books with numbers and dots on the pages?  You could not tell what the picture was until you connected all the dots.  Our lives are like that – sometimes we are unable to see the whole picture of God’s plan for us.


A few weeks ago, I attended a funeral in Mississippi for a dear friend of mine.  Mr. James Crawford was a godly man and, over the years, his whole family has been like family to me.


As I sat in the funeral service, the Lord began to do a beautiful thing for me.  He began to connect the dots in my life.  I had shared so much of my growing-up years with this dear family and attending church with them in Memphis.  I looked around the room, gazing and reflecting on so many people who were involved in my life, affecting me for Christ.


I have been to a lot of funeral services, but this service was a celebration of a godly life and the effects of a godly life on others.


Mr. Crawford’s granddaughter got up to speak and she remembered three main prayers her grandfather always prayed:

  1. Revival in this nation.
  2. That the next generation would know and serve Christ.
  3. That all his grandchildren would be with him in heaven.


That service celebrated a man dedicated to Christ and the celebration really was a celebration of who Christ is.


His prayer that the next generation would know and serve Christ struck a cord with me that day.  At the gravesite, I spoke with his son, Jimmy Jr.  I shared with Jimmy that I am a part of the answered prayer of his dad.  I was the next generation at that time.  Jimmy became burdened for my soul and the direction I was going in my early years.  Mr. Crawford’s son was used to change my life forever – I was converted, got married, and had two sons who are serving the Lord.  Connecting the dots!  My sons have been all over the world spreading the gospel, Jimmy and I affecting the next generation.


But one last big dot connect – our family has a ministry called Vision4Living.  Our passion is to affect the next generation for Christ.  We base our ministry on Psalm 78:4, “We will not hide them from their children, showing to the next generation to come the praises of the Lord and His strength, and His wonderful works that He has done.”


Thank you, Lord, for a godly man named James Crawford who did not hide the truths from his children and who bore a son for your glory, who helped connect the dots in my life.


I am grateful to be a part of Mr. Crawford’s prayer to effect the next generation.  The dots have been connected and I have seen the bigger picture.


Pam Cavanaugh

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  • Leonell Klank

    Very nice work, Pam,
    wish you would teach Pat Bibbs how to blog,
    she needs something to create and share.
    And then you can teach me how too.
    Keep on keeping on! Very proud of you.

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