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Have you ever dreamed of an opportunity that you longed to become a reality only to have it fall by the wayside?  If not, stick around, because you will. Dreams have a way of fighting against you.  Sometimes dreams are not to be because God, in His infinite wisdom, forges a path far better than we could ever conceive or dream of.  For years, I have had a dream of starting my own podcast dealing with the issues of the gospel and the transferring of it to the next generation.  Somehow time, finances, or other pressing matters took precedent.  Even this year found a way to provide many set backs in our attempts to release this new resource.  However, through much planning and preparation, the Lord has seen fit, in His wisdom, to allow the release of CrossTalk: ‘The Gospel for Today and Beyond’.


I can hardly believe it’s happening!  The Lord has seen fit to allow us – whether big or small – to influence and join the discussion of the centrality of the Gospel and the urgency of the hour to transfer it to the next generation.


You may be wondering: “how will your podcast be any different than the thousands which already do a similar thing?”  That’s a good question.  Glad you asked.  There are two ways that it will be different:


1. The Message


Honestly, I see CrossTalk hitting a niche that has not been served.  Don’t get me wrong; there are many quality podcast that serve the purpose of discussing the issue of the gospel.  However, our heart is to take it a step further.  We want to discuss the implications that it has for our daily lives, challenge everyone to transfer it, and give the call for the next generation to carry the mantle.  We want to layout biblically the essential elements of the faith that are important to live out and carry on – not man’s ideas or conjuring, but God’s grace filled truth.  We want to bring it back to the centrality of Christ and His work in us – “the hope of glory”.


2. The Platform


Secondly, CrossTalk will provide a unique platform.  The show will feature a father and son team as your hosts: Charles Cavanaugh and myself.  Dad brings to the table 17 years of pastoral ministry and study.  God’s has blessed him with 33 years of marriage to his wonderful wife, Pam.  He has also father two sons who – now in their adulthood – are engaging the culture with the gospel.  I am equally excited to join my dad on the airwaves.  My desire is to pull from what God is teaching me as I study His word on a daily basis.  God has given me the joy to journey 12 years in family/church ministry.  I am also currently under the mentorship of my pastor.  These are not credentials that give us right of passage to speak, but rather experiences that God has used through failure and trials to forge and cultivate a message of the amazing grace of our God.


CrossTalk will release it first episode September 4.  You can follow each episode by subscribing to our feed on iTunes or follow our blog at vision4living.org.  We look forward to having you join us each week as we seek to grow together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Daniel Cavanaugh

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