What is Passion4Christ Summit?

exist to instill a passion for Christ

in the next generation of believers. We provide a relaxed environment where intense biblical exposition and practical spiritual application are a major focus. P4C is a two and a half day event designed

to give young adults spiritual nourishment

and retreat from the intensity of life. Enjoy fellowship with other believers and be released to effectively live for the glory of Christ.

P4C Podcast

What captivates you?

What drives you?

What haunts you?

Goals: they captivate us, allure us, drive us, haunt us. Some are fulfilled. Some are never realized. We want to pursue and achieve good things, nobler things. But sometimes we fall short, short of our dreams and noble goals.

But for those who know and follow Christ, God has a plan, and that plan is the pursuit of one goal, one lasting achievement. It is “the mark”, “the prize of the upward call”. It is Christlikeness. For every child of God, it is a sure thing, the inevitable purpose of our Heavenly Father for us.

But while we are predestined for it, we must be no less devoted to it. While it is God’s promised will, it is also our present work and pursuit. Every Christian’s life is lived in pursuit of likeness to Christ. The end is sure, but the dramatic process is unfolding. Join us at P4C 2019, where we will explore this lifelong journey that takes us to “the mark” of Christlikeness.

Join us October 24-27, 2019


all pricing includes meals, housing, and t-shirt
Super Early Reg


April 1-June 30, 2019
Early Reg


July 1 – Sept 12, 2019


Sep 13 - Oct 12, 2019

Join us October 24-27, 2019



Join us October 24-27, 2019

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