Vision4Living Ministries' policies and procedures during “COVID-19”:

It is safe to say that the year 2020 has been nothing short of uncharted and irregular. Everyone has had to make changes due to recent and impending developments of “COVID-19”. Regardless of where you stand politically or even where you stand in your personal viewpoint of “COVID-19”, personal and corporate changes have had to be instituted. Below, you will find procedures and guidelines that we, as the P4C team, hope and pray will help you in your decision making process of coming to Passion4Christ Summit 2020. Our desire is to relieve any concerns you may have regarding the P4C event and “COVID-19”. Please know that the below statements, guidelines, and procedures in no way reflect Vision4Living Ministries’ opinion nore does it seek to pass judgement upon the personal opinions of those reading. Our goal is simple:

  1. Communicate our procedures and guidelines in response to “COVID-19” to help you in your decision making process to attend P4C20
  2. Glorify the Lord in making sure all things are done decently, in order, and obedience to his word.

With that said, please reference the below procedures and guidelines, in response to “COVID-19”  as it pertains to P4C20, with grace, humility, and most of all in prayer.

What is Pleasant Hill Outdoor Center’s response and procedures to “COVID-19”?

Vision4Living has verified that PHOC is following all of the State of Ohio’s guidelines and procedures in regards to their facility for “COVID-19”. If you would like to read those procedures, they can be sent to you upon request.

In the event of another shutdown per the state of Ohio, what will be the refund policy?

V4L is in regular contact with the Pleasant Hill Outdoor Center, Perrysville OH [location of Passion4Christ 2020]. PHOC has assured us that there is no imminent or present discussion or threat of another Ohio statewide shutdown at this time. The facility is monitoring the situation on a daily basis, as well as V4L, and will communicate with us about any breaking developments or impending changes. Through our communications with PHOC, they are graciously working with us in the event that P4C20 has to be canceled due to Ohio statewide shutdown during the P4C20 event. In the event of another Ohio statewide shutdown, V4L will offer a full refund of the cost of P4C20 registration plus any fees encountered due to credit card processing [Note: all airline tickets will be the personal responsibility of attendees who have purchased tickets to attend P4C20]. Otherwise, all other cancellations due to personal or other reasons, will be guided by our event cancellation policies which can be referenced on our FAQ page.  

What happens if I am diagnosed with or come in contact with someone who is diagnosed with “COVID-19”? What is the refund policy?

In the event, due to being personally diagnosed or knowingly coming in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with “COVID-19”, and subsequently you choose to cancel your registration at the last minute or at any time, will be handled on a case by case basis. Please call us at 270-844-8119 or email.


[Note: All information will be kept private and confidential.] 

What will be Vision4Living Ministries’ “COVID-19” procedures during the 2020 event?

PHOC is required to handle all policies in regards to their facility and has laid out for us procedures regarding regular cleaning, food prep, and the serving of all food during the event in both cabins and the lodge. V4L is monitoring any changes to those requirements and will make any adjustments as necessary at the time of the event. Ohio is currently a “mask mandate” state, however; this could change before P4C20 takes place. If it is still in place at the time of the event, we will send out a memo to all attendees registered via email with instructions on what that will entail. With that said, we will be requiring all our kitchen staff to be wearing masks and gloves while working in the kitchen and preparing food. If you have any other questions, you can email us.

Other notes and information regarding “COVID-19” and P4C20:

Due to the extraordinary times we are living in, and the need to have a buffer time to make some of these decisions above, V4L has moved the P4C20 registration deadline from October 11 to September 30. This will allow us to move quickly and make any decision that would need to be made in regards to “COVID-19” and said changes. Early registration will still close at the original time allotted, which is August 31. One final note: in the event that V4L was to be made aware of anyone contracting and being diagnosed with “COVID-19” after the completion of P4C20, V4L will personally communicate the information with each attendee, staff, or anyone involved with the P4C event in any way.  

We appreciate your understanding and willingness to work with us during what has been a different year for all of us. We are looking forward to P4C20 and hope to see you there as we learn and grow in our understanding of biblical discipleship.

P4C Team

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