Frustrated with life?

Feel insignificant?

Broken Dreams?

Tired of the Normal?

Have you ever had the frustration with your life that it wasn’t all you hoped for it to be?  Where, on Sunday, you’re so energized for Christ and his Kingdom, that you almost want to shout.  And then, Monday morning rolls around.  And the drudgery of day-to-day life hits you?  And it feels so small, so insignificant that you can’t help but think – is this really the life God has called me to?  

And here’s the amazing part of that question – you’re right, it’s not what God has called you to.  

The problem isn’t that our lives are small and insignificant, but our focus is. Perhaps we are so shortsighted we cannot see beyond the grind. We can’t imagine that the mundane job we work, or the relationships we fight for, or the constant suffering and tiredness we feel are in any way better than the dreams we hold. 

Yet, the apostles willingly traveled to cities where they knew they would be persecuted and possibly killed.  Was it because they dreamed of being beaten with rods and hit with rocks?  No, it was because they knew that their source of joy was that Christ is enough.  Christ is enough. If we can do something as normal eating and drinking to God’s glory, why not work or school? 

And suddenly, when you realize Christ is enough, you see the true meaning, the true joy in life, so much so that the apostles rejoiced after being beaten and stoned.  Our problem isn’t that we have dreams for our life, but that our dreams are focused on us rather than our source of hope. God has ordained us to bring glory to Himself as we grow in likeness to Christ.

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