P4C’11 MP3’s have Arrived!

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Dear friends,

The depth of teaching in God’s word and the depth of fellowship that was had at P4C’11 this year is hard to describe. The Lord blessed the faithful preaching of His word as it landed on the fertil soil of the attendees hearts. Many of you could not attended or did not fall into the category of this event. So, for those of you who could not be there, we have posted these audios for you to get a glimpse of what God did and glean from the depth of the preaching of God’s word. If you did attend, then they are here for you to continue the spark of growth that God began in your heart at P4C. Fill free to share these with others that would benefit from them. We do apologize in advance. Some of the audios have a few glitches on them, but they are audible. Hope you enjoy and as always we love hearing your feedback.


For His Glory,

Daniel Cavanaugh


Foundation – Charles Cavanaugh

God – Scott O’Neal

Knowing – Dewey Novotny

Christ – Daniel Cavanaugh

Trinity – Scott O’Neal

Worship – Dewey Novotny

Scripture – Scott O’Neal

Sanctification – Charles Cavanaugh


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  • Jessica Graves

    Hey Guys:)
    I keep trying to listen to either of Deweys and they keep cutting off after a minute or two…Also, can we download them? It just opens another screen it seems and isn’t downloading:) Thanks so much!!!:D:D:D

  • Grant Ewing

    Thanks! This ministry is awesome. God and his people are blessed by it, and I can see ways He is using it to further His kingdom!

  • Daniel


    I tried listening to all the messages and did not have any problems. Is it still doing it to you? Also on the download, you just have to click on the message you want and the download options should appear to your right in brackets. Just click that and it should download for you. LMK if you have any other questions. Blessings!

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