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How does one have a passion for Christ? How does one maintain such a passion? If this is our aim, what is the means? 

Church father Jerome said; “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.” If this is so, and we believe that it is, then it explains the focus of Passion4Christ 2021and why we met for four days in October. For us, Passion4Christ is more than the name of a retreat or a slogan. It is our hope for the next generation and why we plan a special get away for Christian singles every year. Some come because they look forward to it each year. Some come because others have told them how their lives have been blessed. Whatever the reasons, they find genuine Christian fellowship, good food, fun, and faith-strengthening preaching.

This year the colors were perfect and set a beautiful backdrop for clear and encouraging preaching and our teaching, community groups for interacting with what they heard, and time around the table for discussion and fellowship with the speakers. It was good to have most of the Bracey family (Our in-laws from California) with us to be a part of this year’s ministry. Phil spoke on the topics of “Sola Scriptura” and “Revelation”. He also played an important part in the panel discussion. Since he is an accomplished magician, he also made the theme dinner interesting with a brief but entertaining magic show. All in all he was a blessed new addition to this year’s Summit. 

Another new speaker was our own Associate Pastor from Westwood Church in Evansville, IN Ben Russell. Ben challenged us with the importance on handling Gods Word faithfully from 2 Tim. 2:14-16. He interacted well with the attendees, so well in fact that he almost forgot he is approaching his middle years. He was reminded when he rolled his ankle playing volleyball. I’m sure he would say it was worth it. He also was an important participant in the panel discussion. 

Pam challenged the women in a break out session as did Micah with the men, both emphasizing the importance of practically applying Gods Word to our daily walk. Micah also was a participant in the panel discussion. Daniel and I spoke as well rounding out the studies on Scripture addressing inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy, the authority of Scripture over personal experience, and how Scripture is Gospel. The times of worship in song led by Daniel ministered to our souls and glorified our Lord.

We were able to hold this year’s Summit by God’s grace and because He used your gifts and prayers. Along with these was our usual faithful staff whose investment of their own funds, their time, and their energy is every bit as important as the other efforts and investments. Vision4Living is blessed to hold Passion4Christ Summit each year, and God has been faithful and gracious to bless. May He be pleased to use it to touch and change the next generation for Christ.

Serving with you,

Charles Cavanaugh

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