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I have always anticipated fall and the time leading up to Christmas. It is a beautiful time of change and anticipation. And it has become even more enjoyable to me and my family with the inclusion of Passion4Christ Summit into the season.

This year’s Summit was no exception in that it was once again the highlight of our year. God provided us a faithful staff and attendees who were a blessing to work with. Our hope and prayer is that all those who attend will have a wonderful time. But P4C is about a lot more than fun. There was a sense of genuine fellowship around the truth of God’s Word, a mutual desire to worship, and the joy of being with likeminded singles. Volleyball, zip line, hiking, and late night games around the table were all part of refreshing relaxation which led to a more intense volleyball tournament on Saturday. The lakeside campfire was rained out, so we stoked the fireplace in the lodge and gathered ’round to here Micah read Patrick McManus for the best laugh of the week. But the best of it was the nine sessions of Bible teaching and preaching built around the theme of “holiness”. We were challenged and encouraged by the capable exposition of our guest speakers pastors Eric Coher and Steve Cavanaugh (perhaps they were blessed a bit Charles and Daniel as well… 🙂 ).

Worshipping our Lord in song with such serious-minded brothers and sisters was something of a punctuation mark for the whole week. We were encouraged to rest in the assurance of our positional holiness. We were challenged in our pursuit of progressive holiness. And we were led to anticipate our ultimate and eternal holiness.  And if that were not enough, we had breakout sessions for the men and women from Micah and Pam Cavanaugh. We ate well. We played hard. We worshipped in spirit and in truth.

It was a great week made especially significant for our family because we had a new Cavanaugh working with us; Daniel’s wife of one year, Michelle.

After Sunday morning’s final session, we said our goodbyes. The attachments we have made make it a bit sad, but we are happy to see excited singles go back to their churches to serve. Hugs and parting pictures are the order of the day, and Facebook posts will follow us home. It is a blessed time which causes us to anticipate another time together next year, the Lord willing. One attendee put it this way: “The sessions were all spot on. In a world lulled into compromise, I so need to be often reminded that the choices I make today affect who I am tomorrow. That eternity is real. That the battle for holiness begins in the mind. Thank you for standing on the truth of the Bible.”

Every bit of investment is worth it because of our love for our Lord and His people and since we know that our “labor is not in vain in the Lord.”

In the love of Christ,
Charles Cavanaugh
President of V4L Ministries

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