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Our culture is in no way conducive for ‘doing church’.  It is very easy and comfortable to hold a strong and biblical theological position on the church without ever actually applying it in our everyday lives.  However, theology that never reaches to the heart and works its way out into application is dead religion. There is really no reason for believing it. Belief produces conviction and conviction gives way to living that bears evidence of the grace of God.


When we hear words like ‘fellowship’ or phrases like ‘bear one another’s burdens’ [Gal. 6:2] within the context of the local church in scripture, they have meaning. They are not cultural studies of some ancient people gone by. It is speaking to us today and holds implications for how we structure and live our lives as Christians within the context of the local church.


But what does it mean to actually ‘do church’? This is a massive issue and one that is very difficult to deal with in one post. There is almost two parts. There is the element of daily or weekly church life that must be true, but then there are the ‘marks’ that make up a healthy church and should be guiding factors if we are looking for a local body to join.


This week I am just going to deal with the latter half of this issue. To deal with it, I am brining in some support from 9Marks Ministries [you should check out this ministry]. They have produced two-minute videos dealing with 9 biblical marks that should be evident in a church.  Obviously many churches are in various stages of these biblical marks, but they are the pillars that should make up our thinking and that we should strive to cultivate and pray for…always remembering that we strive in the humility of Christ and His Spirit.


1. Preaching




2. Biblical Theology




3. The Gospel



4. Conversion



5. Evangelism



6. Membership



7. Discipline



8. Discipleship



9. Leadership




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