Final Details 2018

What to bring:

As you pack, keep in mind the Midwest can be cold at this time of year. It’s not unusual to get chilly nights in October. Bring warm clothes but be prepared for the warmth of midday.

You will need to bring your own bedding, pillow, and towel/washcloth. A limited number of these items are available upon request and for an additional fee to those flying to P4C.  If you need us to provide these linens for you and you did not request them on your registration, please email us.

If you enjoy sports, bring sports attire. Feel free to bring games that you would enjoy playing with other attendees. A Bible, note pad, and pen are highly suggested. Flashlights are a must!

Theme Dinners:

“Casablanca: Play it Again”

This is a black-tie event. Please dress accordingly. 

Men: black suit/tux and tie with a white shirt is protocol for ‘Rick’s Cafe’. If you want to be in period, a white dinner/tux coat, black pants, and bow tie will shnazz the place up.   

Ladies: formal dress with a modest cut and length.

Note: the web is a great place to research ideas! Thrift and antique stores often have items at little cost. And as always, come in character.   

On Friday evening, we will visit ‘Rick’s Café’ in Casablanca where Sam and Rick are sure to make an appearance. Rick finds himself at the crossroads of the coming Second World War. Those, in imprisoned Europe, turned hopefully toward the freedom of the Americas. A torturous refugee trail has sprung up: Paris to Marseilles, across the Mediterranean to Oran, in Algeria, then by train, auto, or foot across the rim of Africa to Casablanca in French Morocco. Here the fortunate ones through money, influence, or luck might obtain exit visas and scurry to Lisbon, and from Lisbon to the New World. But the others wait in Casablanca, and wait and wait and wait. But there is one man and woman who show up only to throw Rick’s world upside down. Rick will be faced with a decision that could alter the face of the war.

Summit Location & Directions:

Pleasant Hill Outdoor Center
4654 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Perrysville, OH 44864

For directions visit the PHOC website or GoogleMaps.

Emergency Contact Number:

419-938-3715 [Event dates only]

Pre-Summit questions:

Check-in Time:

Please arrive between 3:30 PM and 5:15 PM to allow time for check-in. If you need to arrive sooner or will arrive late in the evening, please notify Vision4Living ahead of time by emailing.

Summit Schedule:


Meals will be provided starting with dinner on Thursday evening (5:30 PM). Friday and Saturday, we will serve brunch and dinner with snacks provided between meals. On Sunday we will serve only a sack lunch for your departure.

If you are diabetic, you may want to bring extra snacks to cover your needs. If you have any food allergies, please notify us. Please state your full name and the items to which you are allergic. We will do our best to accommodate you. We are not able to accommodate personal food preferences such as dieting, specific desserts, etc.

Airport Arrivals & Departures:

If you are flying Port Columbus International Airport (CMH), please note there may be a 2 to 3 hour wait due to the distance from the airport to the facility and the number of attendees needing transportation. Your patience is appreciated. If you have not sent us your flight information, please do so as soon as possible so we can schedule your pickup. At the airport (CMH), please be on the curb at the passenger pickup area outside the airport at your appointed pickup time (this will be emailed to you just before the Summit). Please book your flight to arrive in the morning or afternoon of Thursday, October 25 (we ask no arrivals later than 3:30PM EDT). Please schedule your flight for departure on Sunday, October 28, to be no earlier than 3:30 PM ETD.

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