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Tough questions: they come when we least expect them. They are questions that may or may not bother us, but they certainly bother the skeptic. What do we do? How do we answer those unexpected challenges to our strongly held faith in Christ and God’s Word. We could avoid them. We could ignore them. Sometimes we give what we think is a lame answer which leaves us feeling like an inadequate, unprepared failure.

The truth is we cannot expect to avoid them forever; unless you spend your life in a cave, which I don’t recommend. And it seems that skeptics can find us anywhere. Ignoring them will not work either. Skeptics will not be ignored. And it is possible that they genuinely want answers.

Besides all this, we are challenged, called, and even commanded to “be ready always”. What do we do then? How do we share the Truth in an environment which has become more and more hostile to Biblical truth. Is it possible to be ready for such a responsibility? These are questions begging for answers.

That is why Passion4Christ2016 will focus on “TRUTH: defending your faith in a secular age”. This is your opportunity to set aside time to prayerfully engage the questions we face in an increasingly secular and godless culture. You can look forward to clear Biblical exposition, a Q&A panel, and those times around the table to discuss the issues you and I face. It is also your opportunity to meet and hear Matt Schackleford, a fine expositor and the Senior Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Canal Winchester, OH who will be our guest speaker for the week. We are all learners together, and our greatest resource is God’s Word. The fellowship of other Christians blessed by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit will be the best possible environment for sharpening our hearts and minds for the task.

None of us can ever hope to have all the answers, but each of us can be Biblically prepared to present Christ and His Gospel to an unbelieving world desperately in need of His salvation. After all, our purpose is not to win arguments but to win souls for Christ. Join us at P4C2016 as we prepare ourselves for this eternal business.

Charles Cavanaugh

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