Immigration, Jesus, and You

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(Legals, Illegals, and the Gospel)

Immigrants and immigration is a hot button topic for conservatives in general and Christian conservatives in particular these days. Legality, illegality, and amnesty all come into play. And most of us have some pretty strong opinions and concerns on the matter. For some, it may seem that this melting pot is becoming a bad pot of stew.

Our concern as Christian citizens over the matter of immigration and what is ostensibly the related concern for national security are real and filled with tension. We rightfully expect our elected and constitutionally bound public servants to respect and enforce the laws of this land. Immigration has long been part of the ongoing growth and development of our nation. We are a nation of immigrants from a host of backgrounds. And it has not been unusual for there to be distrust and animosity between those of various national, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. Sadly, professing Christians have at times been at the forefront of bigotry, hatred, and cruelty.

Recent developments have brought out the best and worst in Americans. Understandable resentment and anger exists as immigrants pour unabated over the U.S. border, possibly accompanied by those with plans for something far more insidious and nefarious than economic opportunity. While policy is discussed and debated to no apparent resolution, many witness what they fear is the dissolution of a great nation and a free society.

As Christians whose consciences are bound by something far greater than our Constitution, we struggle with the tensions that accompany our love for our country and our greater eternal love for Christ our Savior. Our love for Christ is necessarily accompanied by a love for the Gospel and a Biblical vision of the nations bowing the knee to Him. While we pray that our leaders will uphold the laws of a free people, we can at the same time gratefully embrace the opportunity of having the nations brought to us. We hold our leaders both responsible and accountable and often regret and disdain the folly of their decisions. But we realize that our God sits in the heavens and does whatever He pleases.

So let us not be distracted or beset by either personal prejudices or disappointment with human leaders. Rather, let us ask our Lord for the grace and wisdom to bring the claims of Christ to bear upon the hearts of all peoples and commit ourselves fully to Him Who judges righteously.

In the love of Christ,
Charles Cavanaugh

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