Living in the Fast Lane (Intentionally Christ-Centered)

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I’m just too busy.”  “I would, but I don’t have time.”  Sound familiar?  Most of us who are working to make a living and keep up with the responsibilities of life have said something like that, probably many times.  Work, work, and even some play can keep us running, and often the most important things are left on the shelf.  How can I hope to live a Christ-centered life and lead a Christ-centered home.


The word may be over used, but you must be intentional.  Yes, for the most part, we do what is important to us.  We are intentional about eating, watching our favorite team, planning our vacation, golf (or whatever), and, yes men, that too.  There is probably not a time in the year when we saying “I’m too busy” is more appropriate than during the Christmas season.  We are busy, and I enjoy it.  And what better time to begin practicing or to renew the practice of being intentionally Christ-centered?  For the follower of Christ, there is every reason to think Christologically and incarnationally.  The “Christ with us motif” is purposefully emphasized during Advent, but this should only serve to motivate us to live it all year long.


So I challenge you men to develop the habit of Christ-centered conversation, Christ-centered conduct, Christ-centered living.  Ask God for an unsurpassed passion for your Savior, and passionately speak of Him at every opportunity: on the way to school, at the table, on vacation, at bed time, when you are opening your Christmas presents.  Make it evident to your spouse and children that Christ is more than a Christmas character; that He is your life.


Single parents, your obstacles are different but your opportunity is the same.  Keep Christ at the center of your thinking and living.  Let it be evident to your children that, no matter what, Christ is your all.  Communicate your passion for Him this season and throughout the year.  And trust Him to glorify Himself in you and your family.  If you lift up Christ, He will draw others, including your family, to Himself.


Yours for Christ’s glory,

Charles Cavanaugh

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