Why? The Most Probing of Questions

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“Coming here for the first time, I was in a very bad place spiritually. Burned out, down cast, and very numb towards life in general. I don’t remember very much from that first year. I took a lot of walks in the woods and wanted to be alone. I wanted God to do something in me but felt nothing. That Sunday morning came  and I was sure I would be going home in the same shape as I had arrived. Daniel chose a song that morning that I had never heard, ‘May It be Said of Us’. I was ready to fumble through a new song …I was not prepared for an overwhelming  thaw of my frozen soul. The dam broke and my heart was broken. The Lord used the words of the song to break through and begin the warming up of my numb state. At that moment, I couldn’t say that my life reflected Christ and I wanted the Lord to use me!!! That day was the beginning of renewal in my relationship with Christ. Even though I felt cold and empty when I arrived, I was warmly greeted and welcomed into the P4C family. I had nothing to offer, yet was given so much!”

This testimony we received from P4C21 incapsulates the essence of why we started  Vision4Living Ministry almost 14 years ago – to engage and effect the next generation for Christ. 

You have an opportunity to grow the profitable fruit that  V4L has witnessed God deliver over the past years. But for those efforts to continue and expand, we need your investment.

Why should you donate?? So that we can carry on the endeavor as we trust God to multiply the outcome!

Why? It’s the most probing of questions. Other questions – what, when, and where – are merely informational. But “why” probes further to motives and reasons. “Why” challenges our conscience and, when considered honestly and seriously, may very well move us to action.

Each year at this time, we at Vision4Living pose the “why” question as we consider Reasons to Give. Vision4Living has continued its quest of touching the next generation for Christ as people like you share in the ministry. 

But why is all of this possible? We have a team that works tirelessly throughout the year to make the ministry of V4L possible.  As we prepared for this year’s Passion4Christ, we embarked on a project we had never done before – prepare a workbook to give each attendee. We believed this would help sharpen the focus during the week and provide a resource for further study as they returned home. Our team spent considerable time with the development of this resource.  And what a resource: the response was overwhelming. Usually a lot of handouts are left behind after a conference – we only found one remaining. 

But P4C is not the only avenue of ministry here at  V4L. Our team provides unparalleled work in the production expertise for our weekly podcasts – the Crosstalk and P4C podcast.  A brief story gives evidence of the commitment and faithfulness of our team. Over the years while Daniel and Charles were recording the Crosstalk podcast, they have had occasions when equipment failed. Our technical assistant took time out of his busy day to get us up and running again. The podcast never missed a beat.

All of our team offer skills and services that are invaluable; however, the Kingdom is alway their aim.  Although we can’t reimburse our staff for what they are worth, we strive to show our appreciation.  Your gifts help us with these small, but we believe very significant ministry components.

Of course, our largest venture is always Passion4Christ Summit.  We have, through the Lord’s providence and purposeful preparation, determined to make P4C a smaller more intimate event that focuses on the individuals need to grow in Christ.  Through this prayerful direction, the Lord has continued to provide so that we can offer a unique opportunity for spiritual growth that directly focuses on the next generation.  This year’s P4C focused on Scripture and challenged our guests to take another look at the ultimate importance of God’s Word. Our guests responded with profitable questions and conversation. The smaller groups who attend may not seem successful in the world’s eyes, but in all reality it has given us an incredible opportunity for meaningful engagement in the lives of those who attend.  We are grateful to God and those who support the ministry for this continuing opportunity 

All of this brings us back to our most probing question; “why?” Why give to a small seemingly unimportant ministry when there are so many large things claiming our attention? Could it be that one reason is that God uses the small things to confound the mighty, the weak things to confound the strong, the foolish things to confound the wise, in order that “no flesh should glory in His presence”? As you consider prayerfully “why” you should give, may you also consider the possibility that you may have a part in lives touched for the glory of our Savior.

In the love of Christ,

Charles, Micah, and Daniel 


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