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As we reflect on 2013 – all that has happened and the Lord’s faithfulness in each circumstance – we thought we’d take a jaunt down memory lane and revisit some of our top blog posts from the year…

[ By Daniel Cavanaugh]


Is this the question?

Actually, the issue is deeper than coffee. For the believer, we are dealing with a gospel engagement issue in the most recent wake of controversy over Starbucks long held view and support of same-sex marriage.

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[By Pam Cavanaugh]


Do you remember when you were young and you got those big books with numbers and dots on the pages?  You could not tell what the picture was until you connected all the dots.  Our lives are like that – sometimes we are unable to see the whole picture of God’s plan for us.

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[By Charles Cavanaugh]


Though I could not swim, I stepped into the gradually deepening water of the lake. I slowly walked away from the shore. What would it be like to wade up to my chest? Not bad. Maybe just a little farther; up to my shoulders. I was facing the shore but gradually moving backwards. Now I was to my chin, and the water was near my mouth. Something strange began to happen. It felt like a current was pulling me away from shore. I was on my tiptoes, and I could not seem to control where I was going. I was frightened beyond words; words which could not come out. I was desperate and helpless. I thought I was a goner.

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Leading up to P4C13, we wanted to build the concept of the importance of the local church from a personal level – interviews with real people from a real local church. Why? Because this year’s theme was ‘The Body: God’s Plan for the Local Church’. So, in the months leading up to P4C13, we interviewed people from Westwood Church – the home church of the Cavanaugh family and we’ve collected those interviews for you here. Enjoy!



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