2110 : A Spiritual Odyssey

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The year is 2110.  Your great, great grandchild has just received a text from her mother giving her the new security code (which changes daily) so she can enter the house after school.  She receives the text via a cerebral computer chip.  The chip is designed to act upon thought command and displays the text on the back of her eye.  She returns the text by telling the chip, with her thoughts, what she wants to say.


What does the future hold for our descendants?  What incredible advances in technology that bring comfort and convenience will they view as normal?  Some things we cannot even imagine.


But more importantly, what will be the spiritual state of your descendants 75, 150, or 200 years from now?  What will 2110 hold spiritually for your descendants?  Will they be following Christ and living lives that honor Him?  What can you do to have an impact on them for Christ?


We cannot know with certainty what kind of lives our descendants will live, but we can leave a legacy that God may be pleased to use to influence them for Christ and His glory.  We can, by God’s grace, give them “the heritage of the godly”.


What are the essential elements of a lasting spiritual legacy?  What are the things we must not fail to pass own to our descendants?  In April of 2014, we are going to look at some of these biblical elements.  We are inviting you to join us as we face the challenge to “Love Your God”.  Are you, can you, will you leave a lasting legacy?  May God, by His grace, make it so.


Yours for the next generation,

Charles Cavanaugh

President, Vision4Living Ministries

Twitter: @PastorCavanaugh | Email: [email protected]

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