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Sometimes it takes a little initiative. How true this is. Last week I had the opportunity to go on the radio and talk about V4L and the upcoming Legacy Conference on our local Christian radio station – ‘Thy Word Network’. I was looking for more ways to get the word out about the forthcoming conference and a friend suggested that I should look into radio. I thought you had to be invited to speak on the radio, right? Actually not. I began to do some asking around as to how I could use radio to get the word out. Most of the suggestions where pretty basic – see if you can get on the networks community calendar etc. However, I decided to take it a step further, and I emailed ‘Thy Word Network’ to see what options there might be available to do a radio spot or something of that nature. The response back was more than I could have hoped for. They offered me a 15 minute interview spot to talk about Legacy and V4L during the peak morning drive time – at no cost! What a blessing! ‘Thy Word Network’ broadcast to multiple counties across our tri-state area [Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana]. So yes, sometimes doors are opened to you through the blessed ‘dropping into your lap’. But other times, and most often, the Lord wants us to pursue and take initiative as we walk our daily lives. You have heard the old adage: ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Well its true. God’s will…it will be done. But, he wants us to be sensitive to His leading, take responsibility, and pursue – not force mind you – but pursue opportunities to proclaim who He is. I hope this encourages you today as it did me. Ultimately, it is the Lord who opens all doors, without a doubt. And He does so for His glory. But when we follow His prompting and leading, it is so awesome to see the fruit that comes from walking in obedience – no matter the outcome.


Have a great day!

Daniel Cavanaugh



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