Building a Legacy

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A line from a recent commercial says: “A legacy is not born. It’s built. And it happens over time.” Those who would leave a lasting legacy must be in for the long haul. A legacy for Christ is not built in days or even weeks, but years.


In parenting and pastoring the tendency is to place too much emphasis on short-term victories and failures. Temporary exhilaration or despair can easily cause us to lose sight of a vision for the future. This may lead to pastors and church leaders who keep looking for the next new technique or approach that will assure the growth of their churches and immediate success. It may lead to parents who tire of the grind and leave children to themselves or opt for “normal” family living.


Building a lasting legacy requires us to fight through the failures and setbacks of the present. It requires the spiritual stamina that only comes from constantly looking to Christ and His Word. Distractions and discouragements will come, but they cannot be allowed to deter us from the task of leaving a lasting legacy for Christ. Parents, the journey is a long one that will end all too quickly. Spend your days passing on a passion for Christ that will stand the test of time. Pastors and church leaders; buildings and budgets are necessary but may not be the indicators of long-term success – live, work, and minister with the next generation in view. Remember, “A legacy is not born. It’s built. And it happens over time.” May Christ by His grace help us to do it.


For His Glory,

Charles Cavanaugh

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