College Students Taught Me How to Present the Gospel

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This past Monday, I experienced a first in my life.  Along with some local college students and members from my local church, we gathered on a beautiful sun-lit Monday evening on the campus of USI [University of Southern Indiana] to participate in a prayer walk.  Our purpose was to pray over the campus and its various aspects of education before the students arrived this week to begin their fall semester.  I cannot tell you what a joy it is to be a part of a local church [Westwood] that is intentionally engaging the University that is at its back door with the gospel of Christ.  Not only does it have local implications, but it has national implications as well since we have students come from all over the world.  As I walked across the campus with one of my elders and a student who goes to our church [he was saved his freshman year – just two years ago] praying over the freshman dorms, I was struck heavily with the incredible opportunity that we have to affect the next generation with the gospel.


But, it did not stop there.


As I prayed with these men, the college student who was with our little band of prayer warriors shared with us his testimony of how he came to Christ.  He told of how two young guys [USI students at the time and members of our church] came knocking at his door in the freshman dorm just two years ago.  They had come to invite him to a Campus Outreach event.  From there, these guys engaged him with the gospel and in the subsequent days and months he confessed Christ as his savior.  Honestly, I could go on about other current and former students who have come to know Christ in similar ways.  These stories have been building in my heart and mind over the last several months to a point of conviction for me as I hear the stories of these students.




I am convicted by their willingness and their completely unashamed intentional steps to share their faith with those God has placed in their sphere of influence.  I have had to ask myself: what am I doing to share my faith with those around me?  And the answer has been a negative.




Oh, I proclaim the joys of the gospel and the need to understand it from a biblical perspective.  But am I really engaging others to share the gospel?  Not really.  Not consistently.  Furthermore, if I am desirous to challenge and affect the next generation of gospel believers, then I must realize a key element is sharing it with a generation who does not even know Christ.  There must be an attitude from me that does not underestimate and is unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


It is commonly known that my passion is to see the next generation grab ahold of the gospel; however, it was the next generation [college students] that showed me my urgent need to share the gospel with the lost around me.  Life lessons can come from the most unexpected places and that has happened to me this past week.


Daniel Cavanaugh

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