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Every year about this time, I travel to a country in South America called Ecuador. To many, it may seem like another Latin American country, but to me, it is so much more. I’ve spent many years playing with the children of this country, teaching them about Jesus, and seeking to meet their physical as well as spiritual needs. What I’ve learned is that God is working outside of the US in ways you can only experience by seeing it in person.

This trip is not free. Your financial support would be greatly appreciated! Please use the link below, and designate “Micah Cavanaugh” when you donate.


The believers I’ve spent time within Ecuador have encouraged me far more than anything I could ever give to them. I’ve made lifelong relationships and even though I somehow always seem prepared for each trip, somehow God shows me I still have so much to learn.

If you are looking for a way to invest in the work that God is doing around the world, look no further than this trip. Next week, less than a dozen of us will travel to Quito (the Capitol city) and begin serving. What we don’t know is what God has in store! We will share Christ message of the gospel and give of ourselves, but I know we will receive so much more as we travel by giving ourselves to His will. Thank you in advance; especially for your prayers!

Micah Cavanaugh

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