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Last night I had the opportunity to speak to the leadership team of Global Encounters, of which I am blessed and privileged to be a part. It was a joy to share with a group of people who, first of all, want to grow as leaders and secondly listened with open hearts. This year, God has put together a team for short term mission trips that only He could develop. They are ready by God’s Spirit to lead others to proclaim the gospel in other lands.

Nothing profound was shared. Just a few thoughts from my years of leading teams whether short term or a daily basis in an organization. I leave you with the things I highlighted. They are simply forged from a life that is and has been on a journey with Christ. I am over whelmed at the grace of God in my life. I know He is not done with me and the journey ahead – though challenging it may be – will teach me more. He truly works all things for my good.


1. Be the disciplined one – set the example

2. Be a student of the word

–        Know what you believe

–        Don’t just read but study

3.  Make the word of God primary 

–       Gives focus and direction instead of randomness.

–       Study what you will teach beforehand. Be ready to teach.

4. Build a relationship with your team

–        Make time for individuals

5. Grow with your team

6. Discern your team members

–        Be attentive to team members needs

–        Know their personalities/how they respond or don’t

–        Are they growing weary or pushing too much

–        Watch the signs/discern

7. Play to your team’s strengths

8. Empower your team

–        Don’t micro manage

–        Trust people

–        Let them make mistakes & learn

–        Rebuke in love

–        Firm action is last resort

9. Make time for rest   

10. Remember to have fun

11. Do not remind people you are in charge

12. You will make mistakes

–        Walk humbly

–        Be quick to ask forgiveness

13. Working with outside leadership  

–        Discern culture tendencies

–        Don’t over commit your team

–        Learn the art of saying no

 14. Communicate with your leadership team


…much more could be said but that is all for now.

Daniel Cavanaugh



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  • Elizabeth

    It was a good meeting last night! Thanks for putting together the thoughts on leadership!

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