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In the last couple of weeks, I have embarked into a wonderful book called, ‘What is the Mission of the Church?’ [By Kevin DeYoung & Greg Gilbert] For this week’s post, I wanted to leave you with a section I read that hits the issue of ‘missions’ square in the heart. It deals with a viewpoint that is often forgotten when it comes to a proper theological belief on the subject. In fact, I am afraid it is a sickness that plaques our churches in whatever issue we teach and deal with on a daily basis. It addresses the problem of developing our beliefs through proof texting or a failure to see the importance of an issue from the narrative of scripture as a whole.  I hope as you read this brief section it will encourage you to read this sound and excellent work on the issue of missions. More importantly, I hope it encourages a personal study in the scriptures in order to draw your beliefs not just from a few texts, but the Word of God in its entirety – whether it is missions or any theological issue.


“Its never a good idea to make a biblical case for something – especially something a monumentally important as the mission of the church – from just a few text. The Bible isn’t just a potpourri of pithy sayings from which we can pick up a nugget here and a nugget there. No, it’s a grand, sweeping, world-encompassing story that traces the history of God’s dealings with mankind from very beginning to very end. If we really want to understand what God is doing and what he would have us to do as his people, we need to have a good grasp of what that story is, what its main themes are, what the problem is, what God’s remedy to the problem is, and what it all looks like when the story ends.


Though we started this book with a look at some specific texts, our thesis – that the mission of the church is to proclaim the gospel and make disciples – does not rest on the Great Commission texts alone. Rather, we believe that those texts are so important and have gained their nickname precisely because the entire story line of the Bible presses forward toward them.” – ‘What is the Mission of the Church?’


So, get into the Word. Never ground yourself on issue with a couple of verses. Build your understanding and belief from the entirety of the Word. Never think it is not important. Realize, it will affect in what manner you GO – whether it be your own or God’s.


Be not moved away,


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  • Tiffany

    “So, get into the Word…. Realize, it will affect in what manner you GO – whether it be your own or God’s.” Amen!!! You captured a great thought here -encouraged.

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