As the Sun Rises (Thoughts on facing a new day)

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A song from the past says, “And as the moon rises he sits by the fire, Thinking about women and glasses of beer.” Separated from others, the lonely man longs for the warmth of women and spirits. These are his final thoughts as his day draws to a close. This song illustrates the vanity of man’s thoughts, not to mention the care we should use in choosing the songs we listen to.


I quote this song from my past, not because it holds any importance for me now, but because it does come to mind as I start my day. It comes to mind as a contrast to some of my first thoughts. Closing thoughts and beginning thoughts are some of the most important elements of a believer’s day. They are, by God’s grace, within our power to direct in one direction or another. As I arrive at work, there are certain things for which I ask the Lord. These have become habits of thought to which I regularly return because of a deep, God-given sense of utter dependence on my Lord. That sense of dependence has a certain ebb and flow throughout the day and sometimes sadly almost disappears. That it is why it is so important to begin the day the way I do.


So I challenge you to begin your day at least somewhat like this, and pray with me this prayer for you and your family, asking God to make it so.


As the sun rises over the Cavanaugh family may the Bright and Morning Star, the Lord Jesus Christ, arise in our hearts in all His holiness, and Righteousness, and goodness, and grace, and mercy, and truth, and wisdom, and love. May He arise and manifest Himself to us and through us and Glorify your name in and through us; for Christ’s sake.



Is this not what we desire for ourselves and those the Lord has given us? Do we not want the reality of Christ in our thoughts and actions? Then let us continually ask our God to make it so? And let us fight against everything that would hinder such a blessed enterprise. God help us to do it.


In the love of Christ,

Charles Cavanaugh

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