The Conviction to Lead

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There are those rare times when you read a book and you know before you are done with it that it will change your life and you will read it again.  I love to read and more importantly, I like to read things that will challenge me to move beyond my comfort zone and set me on a course the will grow me in my relationship with Christ and as a leader. ‘The Conviction to Lead’ is one of those books. From the moment I began the book till its finish, I have had a rough time putting it down. I have posted excerpts from it on Facebook and Twitter multiple times. This book has been my inspiration in my latest series of blogs on leadership. In short, it’s a profoundly great book and you should read it.


I have read a plethora of books on leadership in the last ten years. Each one has brought something to the table that the other did not. Each one has expounded on principles that every leader needs to ponder, digest, and apply. However, the stark contrast between past leadership books read and the newly completed ‘The Conviction to Lead’ is the reason its gives on why we are to lead. Others have touched on it, but this one expounds upon it. Based upon biblical understanding and personal lessons in his own journey of leadership development, Dr Al Mohler [the author] gives clear reasoning on why conviction is the bedrock reason we lead.  His writing style is easy yet packed with meaning and insight as he lays out for you a clear understanding of what biblical conviction is and what it looks like for the leader in his day-to-day life. Dr. Mohler is very gifted in communicating and leaves no rock unturned, yet he gives valuable and concrete application for what convictional leadership looks like.


So, as Lavar Burton says in the classic PBS kids television show ‘Reading Rainbow’, “You don’t have to take my word for it.” You can find it here on Buy it. Read it. And change forever the way you view leadership.


Daniel Cavanaugh

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