Turning Blessing into a Curse

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There once was a young man who was brought up in a godly home. His father was a great leader who had a heart for God and taught him in the ways of Jehovah. This young man had many siblings, but he stood out as one who had significant potential and seemed destined for leadership. He followed in his father footsteps, and, as a leader of God’s people, brought them to achievements far greater than they had ever reached. His wisdom astonished them as well as unbelievers all around. It seemed that nothing or no one could keep this man from achieving unparalleled success as a leader of God’s people and as a man of God. Anyone who would have questioned his wisdom, abilities, and future potential would have been subject to scorn, considered a spiritual novice at best, and an infidel at the worst. God’s blessing was evidently upon this man as seen through his inspirational writings and prolific achievements.

There were, however, chinks in the proverbial armor of this great man. Decisions were being made that were setting the course for future failure and destruction. In light of his great achievements and God’s obvious blessing, they appeared relatively insignificant, and sadly their effects were not immediately recognizable. While he made these unwise and unbiblical decisions, the residual effects of God’s blessing continued, and the work of God continued to flourish. But inevitable consequences were on the horizon, and God’s blessing would undoubtedly change into a curse.

Indeed, while this gifted and passionate man had begun well, his end was not blessed. The seeds of destruction had been sown and were growing into a full harvest. As his final days approached there was a latent and growing dissatisfaction which was causing an underlying division among God’s people. Earlier, unbiblical decisions had paved the way for the unscrupulous to have their influence. And this once great leader’s failure to reject compromise in critical areas resulted in irreparable weakness in his children. The heir to his great work was unable and unwilling to make wise decisions that would have solidified his position of leadership and broadened his influence. The result was a people divided and a work destroyed. The potential of a godly seed was greatly diminished and unbelievers were given cause and opportunity to blaspheme the true and living God.

Perhaps you have some thoughts on the spiritual journey of this leader. Who was he? What could have been done to avoid this tragedy? And what lessons can we learn to avoid this end?

Charles Cavanaugh

President of Vision4Living Ministries

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  • Sharon Platt

    I think you are talking about Solomon. 🙂

    Finishing well isn’t easy. If I ever stop being willing to grow and learn, things will go downhill pretty fast.

    My desire is to never take for granted the good things God gives. I want to always appreciate beauty in every situation, because genuine beauty, especially in nature, draws my heart to His.

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