Worldview Fuels Conviction, Conviction Fuels Leadership

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Conviction is the fuel for strong and effective leadership. It’s what drives a person to live or die for what he believe and to lead others to do the same. However, when you lack belief in what you seek to communicate and accomplish…


•     Fear seizes the day

•     The vision will burn out

•     You will quit

•     There will be casualties


I am sure that you could, in your minds eye, come up with leaders – whether you know them personally or not – in whom you have seen this story play out first hand. I know for myself that I have seen and been under leaders who lacked the conviction to maintain their vision and therefore could not effectively communicate with and lead others. They had great ideas and maybe even some initial energy and passion that gave excitement to what they did. But, because they lacked conviction, that energy fizzled and the people they were leading…


•     Lost hope and fell away

•     Or discovered direction elsewhere


But why is this?


Why do leaders need conviction? And if they need conviction, how do they develop conviction so that it renders them unmovable?




Worldview is what drives the conviction of a leader or any individual.Your worldview will fuel your conviction. Al Mohler in his book ‘The Conviction to Lead’ expounds on the relationship between your worldview and conviction:


“Worldviews work by organizing ideas. At the most basic level of our thinking, every single one of us operates out of one unified understanding of the world. As [Thomas] Sowell says, these worldviews are the ‘silent shapers of our thoughts.’ You might even say that they are sets of ideas that make the world operational for us. If we did not believe these ideas, we would have no idea how to make sense of the world. We cannot rethink our basic understanding of reality every morning. Basic moral judgments are embedded within our worldview.”


Whether good or bad, your worldview will fuel your convictions – grounding you at the very core of your being. I believe without a shadow of doubt that a biblical worldview is eternally true. As I have stated, all people have a worldview.  Assuming you’re a Christian and one who takes leadership in your sphere of influence, the question remains is whether your worldview biblical? Is it founded on an immoveable understanding of who God is within the realm of His written word or a God that you have imagined? It will determine what kind of leader you are. It will determine your ability sustain your vision. It will determine how you lead others. It will determine the rest of your life.


Be not moved away,


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  • Shane

    Daniel, Thanks for these encouraging thoughts. It reminds me of Joshua’s charge to the Children of Israel to “choose this day who you will serve…”.
    I am constantly reminded that as a Christian that my convictions are under attack 24/7. May God bless us with His worldview.

  • Daniel Cavanaugh

    Shane! So good to hear from you brother. Glad that it was an encouragement to you. Honestly, the important thing is that we stay in the word. To renew our mind with it. Let catch up some time.

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