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 P4C has been incredibly blessed over the years with the caliber of speakers it has had to expound the word of God faithfully to us. This year is no exception. I am so excited to announce…

Ryan Fullerton will be joining us for P4C13. Ryan is the lead pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, KY and a faithful expositor. Ryan and I have had the privilege to discuss this years theme on “The Body: God’s Plan for the Church” and he is excited about P4C and equally passionate to teach about this topic. Ryan is married and has four children and is looking forward to meeting each and every one of you who will be coming.

P4C would not be complete without the regulars. Dewey Novotny, Charles Cavanaugh, Pam Cavanaugh, Micah Cavanaugh, and I will be returning to round out the speaker lineup. We are so pumped about this years theme. We know the issue of Christ’s bride is not only important in the picture of God’s glory but pivotal for our sanctification and the proclamation of the gospel. The next generation has lost its biblical understanding of the urgent necessity of the church. We want to recover this biblical necessity. We want to see why the church is not only a gift to his people but a means to showing the world the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. So consider this your personal invitation. See you there!


Daniel Cavanaugh

…For more on the speakers visit the P4C13 page


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