How Will You Use Your $65 Savings?

 In P4C Updates

Early Early Reg for P4C15 ends on June 30th.  This means that, if you register before June 30, 2015, you’ll save $65 over regular registration. Registering during Early Early Reg is the best deal you’ll find – guaranteed.

What could you do with that extra $65? We have a few suggestions…

  1. Buy a P4C T-Shirt and a P4C Hoodie and still have $12 to spend on road trip snacks or Starbucks stops.
  2. Or just go to Starbucks about 13 times!
  3. Buy a tank and a half of gas. (Hint: If you’re carpooling to P4C15 and all your friends save with Early Early Reg, your combined savings will cover all your travel expenses in no time!)
  4. Go ALL OUT with a theme dinner costume.
  5. Take half a day off of work on Monday, October 26th so you can catch few extra winks after all that late night volleyball.
  6. Use your savings to support a friend going on a GE missions trip or start a fund to go on a trip yourself!
  7. Check your luggage to and from P4C and maybe still have some spare change for a quick bite.
  8. Donate your savings to help a friend attend. Your savings would be almost 1/4 of their Early Early Reg!
  9. Have a $65 head-start on your Early Early Reg for 2016!
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