P4C14 Audios are Here!

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And it’s finally here! P4C14 audios are now available for you to download and continue to glean and grow from the incredible truths we heard at Passion4Christ Summit 2014. Be sure and share with your friends!

Theme: ‘Providence’ [Oct. 22-26]

Wednesday Evening – Charles Cavanaugh & Dave Teruel

Eternal Perspective: Living Life with Eternity in View


Trials: Asking for Wisdom & Trusting in the Sovereignty of God


Thursday Afternoon

Men’s Breakout Session – Micah Cavanaugh


Women’s Breakout Session – Pam Cavanaugh


Thursday Evening – Dewey Novotny & Daniel Cavanaugh

The Faithfulness of God: Prone to Forget His Goodness


Prayer: God’s Complete Sovereignty & Mans Great Responsibility


Friday Morning & Evening – Dave Teruel & Charles Cavanaugh

Temptation: Asking for Wisdom & Trusting in the Sovereignty of God


Thorn in the Flesh: Facing Life’s Griefs with Grace


Saturday Morning & Evening – Dewey Novotny & Dave Teruel 

Waiting Upon the Lord: Focus in the Midst of Trouble


The Groaning of Creation: The Goodness of God & the Hope of Man


Sunday Morning – Charles Cavanaugh 

Jesus: the Ultimate Answer


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