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┬áThere are many things which can capture our hearts and stir our emotions. But it seems we have to work constantly and fervently to keep our passion for spiritual matters at the level we know they should be. Sometimes special events can help. That is the reason Vision4Living established the Passion4Christ Summit in 2008. This annual retreat for Christian singles focuses on stirring and renewing our passion for The Lord Jesus Christ. This year’s Summit focused on the providence of God or, as Dewey Novotny described it; “the hand of God in the glove of human circumstances.” Our hearts were encouraged to see God at work in every circumstance and to trust Him to do all things well. In God’s providence, our numbers were down a bit, but testimonies indicated that God brought exactly those He had prepared for this Summit.

Messages by Pastor Dave Teruel challenged us to trust God through trials and temptations. Daniel Cavanaugh showed the Biblical basis for praying to our sovereign Lord. We were also encouraged to live life with eternity in view and know God’s grace is sufficient in spite of our weakness. Break out sessions by Pam and Micah Cavanaugh reinforced the powerful theme of God’s loving sovereignty over every aspect of our lives.

God again provided us an excellent volunteer staff who served the needs of the attendees so that each one could get the maximum benefit from the conference. Passion4Christ could not happen without these sacrificial servants of The Lord. Every year we look forward to seeing familiar faces and a number of new ones, sharing in the fellowship of the love of Christ. The goal is not merely to have a good time but to leave with a renewed passion for our Lord and a God-given commitment to live to His glory where He has placed us. For those who prayed for the Summit, thank you. You are a vital part of what God is doing in the lives of His people and to touch and change the next generation for Christ. May our Lord be pleased to raise up a generation which lives passionately for Christ.

To the Glory of God,
Charles Cavanaugh

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