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Passion4Christ Summit is just around the corner, with less than three weeks left for registration. There are many things to be done between now and then. Many people are stilling praying about coming. The speakers are spending time in the word to prepare the word to be heard. God is moving, and we know that He desires to work in those whom He has chosen to be there this year. He desires a generation that will heed His word and live the gospel; not just talk about it; but believe it, sleep it, breath it. He desires a generation that will pursue Him with an undying passion; one that is fueled by the truth of God in His word. We desire that this year’s Passion4Christ Summit will spur a group of young Christians to do just that. Please join us! We are beseeching the throne of grace as we ask that His will be done, which is to see a generation that is passionate for His Gospel/Christ more than ever. It is our responsibility to beseech the throne of grace for God’s will to be done, and it is God’s responsibility to accomplish His will.

Storm the throne of Grace for:

  • Speakers to communicate the word of God with clarity, led by His Spirit
  • God to prepare the heart of each one who will be attending to grow in grace and understanding of the gospel truth in their everyday lives.
  • The Lord to provide for those who are praying and desirous to come.
  • The Lord to guide and give wisdom to the Vision4Living staff as they prepare the massive amount of details for the Summit.
  • Us to simply walk in obedience [rest in] as we play out the script that God has written for this P4C Summit.
  • The Lord to raise up a group of leaders through the P4C who will continuing carry on the gospel mantel to the next generation.
Storming with you,
Daniel Cavanaugh
Director of Operations

For more info on the Passion4Christ Summit visit https://www.vision4living.org/events/passion4christ-summit/

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  • Amy

    Praying with you guys… God has such great things in store!!! Eternity is going to echo with the fruit of what the Lord is going to do.

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