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Of all the questions that seem to plague humans, the question of meaning seems to be the most prevalent and pressing. Either consciously or subconsciously humans long to feel they matter. The search for significance leads many to pour themselves into their work or hobbies, while others find it vicariously through the achievement of their children.

Whatever form this search takes, it is always about personal, human accomplishment, the accumulation of self worth through personal effort. But the Christian worldview, and more particularly the Christian self view, stands in stark contrast to the unbeliever’s search for significance. While the believer may have those times of distracted living that remind us of a Christless life, the search for meaning really ends with Christ and His cross. While we may have momentary lapses of thought when we mistakenly assume the right mate or the right career will make things as they ought to be, the child of God is always led back to the cross. His life is lived with the cross in view and Christ at the center. Significance and meaning are not found in a frustrating life long uncertain pursuit but in a life long journey that begins with Christ, the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

Paul’s difficult life of persecutions, hardships, and ongoing troubles was not wasted but invested in all that lasts for eternity. The glory he had gained through personal religious accomplishments was gladly cast on the dung heap that he might “win Christ”. He became and lived his life as a man “in Christ”, the reason for his existence. In our busyness to find the right career, make a living and find that “right one” to live our lives with, we can be in danger of losing sight of the true and eternal reason we are here. These things are good only as part of a larger God-given purpose which fills them with the joy God intends. Nor is the answer to live a monk’s existence withdrawn from the world and hidden from the challenges it poses for us. Our calling as the people of God and as a person in Christ is to dive into the rough waters of life’s ocean, to run headlong into the stormy winds of life’s storm. Yes, these are well worn cliches, but they are apt descriptions of the Christian’s journey to the heavenly city away from vanity fare and the city of man. The reality of Christ and His firm grip on those who are His are sufficient reason and motivation to endure to the end.

But life is not a matter of merely enduring. It is to be lived. We do not know how long. The issue however is not length but purpose; not earthly significance but eternal investment; not comfort and convenience but Christ. The knowledge of God’s gracious and costly investment in us in Christ should be more than enough to keep our eyes fixed on Christ Sunday, Saturday, and every day between. Whatever this life may hold is not a cosmic accident or a bad break. Life and all it holds for the Christian is a gift. Monday’s alarm awakens us, not to a dismally disappointing week but to the will of God and opportunity often disguised as problems. But this is the glorious opportunity of life: to God be the glory!”

The daily grind, the daily grace, the daily glory are all part of the subject of this year’s Passion4Christ Summit. Our great God and the grand theme of theology are far more than theoretical platitudes for interesting discussions. They are the reasons for our lives. Monday’s alarm and Friday’s quitting time may often rule our thinking and anticipation. But they are punctuated by an exclamation mark that points out to us our reason for living: His pleasure; His glory. The coming week flows from it, and anticipates it so that in the providence of God, we are taught and reminded week by week Who alone deserves to be at the center. As we gather for our annual time of worship, study, reflection, and fellowship, we will not just enjoy days of fun but will focus our hearts intently on “why we are here”. Join us this October 25-28 for ‘LIFE: To God Be the Glory’!

Charles Cavanaugh

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