P4C20 Audio Messages

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Charles Cavanaugh – The Mark of a Disciple: Love God and Love One another – John 13:34-35

Daniel Cavanaugh – The Gracious, Grateful, and Growing Servant – Col. 3:14-17

Matt Watson – The Personal Cost of Discipleship – Luke 14:25-33; 9:23-26

Micah Cavanaugh – Mens Breakout Session (36:46)

Pam Cavanaugh – Ladies Breakout Session

Matt Watson – The Individual & Corporate Call to Make Disciples – Matthew 28:16-20

Matt Watson – The Elements of Making a Disciple – Col. 1:27-29

Daniel Cavanaugh, Charles Cavanaugh and Matt Watson – Panel Discussion

Charles Cavanaugh – Grace: the Means that Affords us to be a Disciple – 1 Cor. 15:10

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