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Thanks to all of you who prayed for Daniel Cavanaugh, John Fechtel and I during the Teleios Conference. We had a challenging yet good time of encouraging the young men in their relationship with Jesus Christ. All of the speakers shared from their life experiences about what God has been teaching them. I opened it with the theme passage from Rom. 12:2 and what we need to be doing with our lives. Daniel gave a challenge about the problem of being lukewarm and asked straight up for the guys to raise their hands if they thought they were hot, cold, or lukewarm. Most of which raised their hands for lukewarm. We attempted to have a fireside chat but due to the weather the wood was wet and wouldn’t stay burning. So instead we all went back to the bunk house and had a casual discussion time. I spoke on idols of the heart and what I have struggled with in my life as well as things that deaden our spiritual senses and cause us to not have a hunger for God. There was definitely spiritual warfare going on (as expected). Not long after we had all gone to bed, one of the young men got sick and threw up all night; from 1am to 8am. This not only deprived him of sleep but the rest of us as well. He unfortunately had to be sent home due to the sickness, and one of the other guys also went home early for fear of getting sick. Weary and living on subpar camp food, John Fechtel started our Saturday with a challenge to the guys that if we call ourselves Christians why isn’t living for Christ our main priority. He challenged us to live like we mean it! Daniel shared two messages back to back on the need for ‘Biblical Thinking’ and on walking in ‘The Spirit of Life’. I spoke on honoring parents; especially the Father/son relationship. In between sessions many of the guys would hit the volleyball around or throw the Frisbee to get the blood flowing. Many of the young men were receptive to the message and challenges that they heard. Some shared (to the point of tears) very deep personal issues which they struggle with while some seemed indifferent and uninterested. It was a tough group to talk to because you couldn’t tell if you were getting through to them. I believe, though some ‘seemed’ uninterested, God is doing a work in their hearts and seeds were planted that will bring forth fruit in due season. This whole conference was something I felt God was leading me to do. While I didn’t feel this was something I would be good at, I knew He would have me to do it, and in my weakness He would be strong. I thank God for the guys who came alongside me and helped to encourage the men and for the young men whom God brought to the conference. I also thank God for all of you who prayed for us because I know your prayers made a difference in the lives of the young men.

God Bless,
Steven Curry

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  • Hannah Minter

    Thanks for sharing this! (What does Teleios meen?)

  • Daniel

    Hannah, Teleios is the greek word for complete; perfect taken from Romans 12. Glad you asked.


  • Dan Schutte

    Thanks for sharing, Steven! It sounds like it was a fruitful time. I am encouraged by your willingness to trust and obey!


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