God Does What He Pleases

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(Ps. 115:3)

How often have we fretted about the future? How often have we questioned what should be done? How often have we prayed with uncertainty as to the will of God? How often has our faith been weak?

There is much about this life that is uncertain from our perspective. We struggle to reconcile our trust in God with the unfolding nature of God’s plan. We see in a mirror dimly. We often struggle day by day to know and to walk in God’s will, sometimes fearful that we will miss it. We find some comfort in thinking what is to be will be. Then it seems that what should not be comes to pass.

What are we to make of the will of God? Can it be thwarted or limited? Do we live in a time when God has stepped back, removed His hand, and left things to the will of others? A lot of questions to answer….

The starting point is in the nature of God Himself. Men and women are often more comfortable with a manlike god; one who seems more explainable and less out of reach. A high and holy God can be daunting and frankly unbelievable. We are hesitant and even unwilling to give God too much control; too much sovereignty.

But let those of us who claim the name of Christ be careful lest we create God in our own image. The ancient Greeks created a host of such gods who were mere improvements over mortal men but had many of the same weaknesses as mortals. This left their lives uncertain and caused them to take matters into their own hands.

This is not how life should be lived, because this is not the kind of God who rules our lives. Yes, God’s plan is unfolding, but it is sure. The future is unknown to us, but it is not so with our God. Those who know and follow Christ are assured that The Lord is bringing His will to pass in their lives. (Ephesians 2:10; Philippians 1:6) Questions about wrong decisions and wrong paths taken are difficult to be sure, but this we know. “But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases.” (Psalm 115:3) It is the nature of Biblical faith to lay hold of God’s Word and trust in what we do not yet see, for “we walk by faith not by sight.” So let us hope, walk, and rest in the will of our God, and “may the world stand back and wonder.”

To God alone be glory.
Charles Cavanaugh

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  • Laura

    Thank-you! This was an encouragement to me today!

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