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As we live our daily lives, there is one theological issue that affects the life of the believer more than any – Providence. What you believe about God’s sovereignty and His infinite goodness to His children will determine how you respond to life’s struggles, temptations, and trials. It’s not a matter of if you will encounter them but when. And when you do, you will be tested in the solidity of your conviction and belief in the biblical foundation of God’s sovereignty. You are what you believe, and the testing grounds of this life will reveal the biblical foundation that you are built upon. So the question remains: what will be revealed in you.

At Passion4Christ 2014, we will be digging deep into the biblical understanding of God’s ‘Providence’.  We do not want to talk about a dry, stale understanding of the sovereignty of God. We want to leave you with a biblical understanding that encourages and equips you to face whatever our loving Savior has deemed good for you and His glory. So join us on a theological journey that will not only inform your thinking but infuse your passion for living this life for the glory of God.

Join us and many other young adults as we share in fellowship that is built around the person of Christ, worship that is both founded in the word of God and expressed in song, and activities that will create lasting memories and friendships to come. We hope to see you there!


For more on how to register visit the P4C14 page!


Daniel Cavanaugh

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