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How many conferences have you been to?  I am sure that you have heard of many, been to many, and received the reports of how wonderful they were.  Every conference or retreat is the best one ever!  However, if you look over the years and the conferences you have been to, how much can you really recall that you heard or learned?


I could give you a glowing report of #P4C13.  It was good.  The fellowship was deep and refreshing, as always.  The food was good.  And, it was the most people we had every had at a P4C Summit [126 people total].  The preaching was even incredible and challenging.  But, I do not want to give you another glowing report.  I want to tell you how the teaching has turned into application.


Passion4Christ’s theme this year was ‘The Body: God’s Plan for the Church’.  It was our desire to stir and cultivate in the heart of those who attended a renewed love for the bride that Christ loves so much.  We wanted people to walk away with a biblical vision to love that which Christ loves – His body.  And we wanted to put flesh and bones to it.  The church is not just some nebulous idea but organic and living.  It is communal with a purpose of living and spreading the gospel to the far reaches of the world.  It is the living, breathing, and functional local church in the communities across our land and the world.  We wanted people to go back to their communities and churches and be the church.


I have to say, the response to this year’s theme was incredible.  I just didn’t hear people talking about how great it was, I heard testimonies of people actually applying being the church.  Facebook and Twitter were alive with the hashtag #P4C13 as people shared testimony of how they were returning and being the church.  They were giving actual examples, which is awesome!  Now that’s a great conference: an event were the Spirit of God moves upon the people as they return to live and be what they learned from biblical and powerful preaching of God’s word!  That encourages and gets me excited!


So, I encourage you to take the time to listen to the messages from #P4C13. They are available to you as a free download here.  Don’t just listen to the messages.  Receive from the preached word and go be the church.  Apply what you learn.  Learn to be effective in the place that God has sovereignly placed you in.  Don’t just be a hearer of the word – be a doer!


Daniel Cavanaugh

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