#P4C13 Sessions are Available!

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The much anticipated #P4C13 sessions are now available for your listening pleasure. Please feel free to pass these along to others. To download, click the link and push download. We hope that you are strengthened in your view of the precious gift God has given us in the church, whether you are hearing these messages for the first time or re-listening to them. Enjoy!


Daniel Cavanaugh

Director, Vision4Living Ministries



The Church: God’s Priority for the Age – Charles Cavanaugh


The Intimacy of the Church: the Bride of Christ – Ryan Fullerton


Breakout Session: Connecting the Dots – Pam Cavanaugh


The Church & the Centrality of God’s Word – Dewey Novotny


The Church: Christ Program for the Age – Daniel Cavanaugh


The Intimacy of the  Church: the Body of Christ – Ryan Fullerton


* Formality or Reality: the Ordinances of the Church – Charles Cavanaugh

[Is being rerecorded]


The Necessity of Equipping the Church – Dewey Novotny


The Leadership of the Church – Ryan Fullerton


Going to Church – Charles Cavanaugh


*Please note that we are rerecording ‘Formality or Reality: the Ordinances of the Church’ by Charles Cavanaugh due to some technical difficulties. You also may notice some of the above audios have minor glitches. We apologize. Thanks for bearing with our audio troubles we experienced during #P4C13.   


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