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We’ve pulled a few favorite tweets and Facebook posts with the hastag #P4C13 to give you an overview of last week from the perspective our attendees and staff.  Enjoy!


Leah (Twitter): GOD’S ways work. —Mr. Novotny #P4C13


Sarah (Facebook): “Can you trace all of your convictions back to Christ?”
– Ryan Fullerton | #p4c13


Heidi (Twitter): Had such an unforgettable time at @V4L‘s #P4C13 ! Feeling equipped to more effectively be a part of the local church.


Daniel (Twitter): Our involvement in the church should be an investment in the church @PastorCavanaugh #P4C13


Amanda (Twitter): So much I could say about #P4C13. More than would fit in 140 characters. Been rebuked & encouraged & have a lot to think over and pray about


Breezy (Twitter): When you devote yourself to the apostle’s teaching, the big thing isn’t _____, it is Christ. @RyanFullerton#P4C13


Amanda (Facebook): Really missing my #p4c13 people. I am beyond blessed and grateful to have gone. But still missing that glimpse of what Paul writes about in being the body of Christ where everyone is sincerely and passionately striving heavenward. Acts 2:44


Taylor (Twitter): The heavens declare your glory oh God. #stars #milkyway overwhelmed by it all #P4C13


Ruth (Facebook): “The church is to (have) Reverence/fear towards our LORD. Jesus is not our “Buddy”, He is our LORD!  Complete allegiance to Christ.” -Ryan Fullerton #P4C13


Leah (Twitter): Teaching to change lives is not about turning heads. It’s about turning hearts. —Mr. Novotny #P4C13


Aaron (Twitter): Loved P4C a lot to think about and do #p4c13


Rebecca (Facebook): What a fantastic week! #p4c13 was such a special time. And, if you weren’t there this year… there’s always next year!


Breezy (Twitter): Our salvation is by grace alone and because of that we are complete. – Mrs. Cavanaugh @Art0fWomanhood @V4L #P4C13


V4L (Twitter): It is such a privilege to be a part of the eternal purposes of God – His Church. Why would we separate from it? @dcavanaughster #P4C13


Ruth (Facebook): “(As a Christian,) You already have the Marriage, that Marriage points to! In Christ!!” -Ryan Fullerton #P4C13


Richard (Twitter): Be strong in grace, teaching, and mentoring within the Body of Christ Dewey Novotny #P4C13


Laurie (Twitter): “What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it.” C.S. Lewis #P4C13 #friendship #BodyOfChrist




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