Has Mrs. Roe Won the Day?

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Daniel will be pursuing the personal side of leadership for the next few weeks. He will be taking a look at the pain, the triumph, and the very essence of what makes a good leader. He begins with taking a look at Roe vs. Wade on this 40th anniversary week and its effect on leaders and their message. 



Valuing humanity is inseparably linked to all that is good. When humanity is no longer valued, success is hated, decisions are illogical, personal responsibility is lost, and worst of all the image of our God is marred in the eyes of all humans. Mind you, God is still at work and his great purpose of glorifying himself is being accomplished. And, amidst this devaluing, hints and even profound evidences of beauty are displayed and discovered because, after all, the human being was created to display the glory of God. But as a society, we are rapidly losing care and passion for all that is truly good and beautiful.

It is very easy to lay blame here and to lay blame there. We herald the woes and evils of abortion but seldom address the root of the problem. There are many people in the church and even in the world who would say that abortion is wrong.  There is even discussion that “pro-lifers” are on the rise – even among young adults. But why is nothing changing? Why are abortions on the rise in the church? Why do professing political “conservatives” believe that abortion is ok in case of rape and incest? Why do we seem to be advancing in a fundamental crusade of devaluing humanity?

We can leave the imperative discussion of the theology behind the value of humanity for another day. It is of equal if not superior importance [hinted at above]. But for now, we take a look at those who are responsible in forging this fundamental conviction – the leaders themselves. To be more specific, the context I wish to hold accountable is the leadership of the church [pastors, ministry leaders, fathers, etc]. [Note: I preface that there are many spiritual leaders who are faithfully and biblically proclaiming the value of humanity.] They have simply proclaimed for years the evils of abortion without giving the convictional foundation that all value is built upon. They have failed to give a clear and articulate God-centered worldview. To believe something is wrong is not enough. Nor is a rant against such evils enough. It gives law without giving the understanding of that law within its created significance and purpose. The result is quite catastrophic – the people they lead lack conviction and will do what people do when there is no clear vision or understanding – they fall prey to the status quo of culture.

We as leaders must be setting the agenda on this and all issues of our time. We have failed to do that. The culture, with precision and subtlety, has won the day in setting the agenda in regards to the value of humanity and many other issues. The next generation now lacks the correct worldview to engage the culture that they presently find themselves in. What was once considered and assumed foundational is now open to “new ideas” and more relevant discussions among the current generation of believers. The proverbial cry for strong convictional leadership within the church resounds within its walls. We as leaders must proclaim more than just law – that abortion is wrong. We must enter into the arena; engage, and equip – armed with an understanding and worldview that is securely founded in the conviction that all of humanity was created to proclaim the beauty and glory of our God.


Be not moved away,

Daniel Cavanaugh



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