Hitting the Bull’s Eye

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Target practice is a favorite activity of those who hunt animals for sport or food.  The goal is to practice until one is able to hit the “bull’s eye” – that spot which, if hit, will bring the animal down.  This is gruesome business to some and even politically incorrect to others, but surely all of us can, at least in theory, appreciate the importance of and the skill involved in hitting the target.  On a more serious note, while many law officers go their entire careers without pulling their weapons, they must be capable of shooting with deadly accuracy, if the need arises.  Even those who are merely gun enthusiasts enjoy practicing so that they can hit the bull’s eye consistently.


This is not a blog on the joys and virtues of firearms and their use, however.  There are figurative ways of hitting a target that are just as thrilling to some and just as important.  A company or individual may have a target sales goal.  An athlete may have a target which brings success in his or her sport.  A student may “shoot” for a certain grade point average.  For these targets to be hit, practice, commitment, work, and focus (among other things) are required.  Literal targets are seldom hit by accident and certainly not by good intentions alone.  And targets of the more figurative variety are even less likely to be hit that way.


So what about the Christian life?  What about the Christian home?  What about Christ’s church?  What is the “bull’s eye”?  Are we hitting it?  What does it take to hit the “bull’s eye”?


The target or “bull’s eye” is Christ.  He is what our brother John Piper calls “The Blazing Center“.  And I want to challenge those of us who know Christ to make it our aim to build Christ-centered homes.  This is the “The Heritage of the Godly”.  Christ-centered homes are not perfect homes (thank The Lord).  But such homes will strive to establish certain characteristics.  They will aim for the “bull’s eye”.  And that is what we will talk more about next time.


Charles Cavanaugh

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