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People talk about a lot of things these days: politics, movies, Duck Dynasty, world affairs, and lately the weather. I would like to talk about the privilege I had to speak to a group of women this past December in Ohio.


A dear friend of mine invited me to an event her church holds every year. It is an outreach opportunity called “Hospitality Dinner”. The women buy tickets, decorate tables for Christmas, and invite co-workers, neighbors, and unchurched people. I am so grateful to have represented our ministry Vision4Living.


Jeff Knight, my Sunday school teacher, had this on the board in class: “God uses ordinary people who ‘catch on’ living Romans 12:1-2, and He does extraordinary things through their surrendered lives.”


I took the message of baby Jesus in a manger, and weaved the Gospel to lead to the cross. I wanted these ladies to see more than a baby in a manger. I wanted them to see Christmas like they have never seen it before. I asked many people to pray for me, because I wanted the Gospel of Christ to be clear. This was not to be just about me speaking.


The Lord answered our prayers. My friend asked the ladies, about 200, if they would leave comments on a card after the event. She sent me some of the comments.


  • Loved the simple loving message of Pam;
  • The Lord was here tonight;
  • I really enjoyed the conference tonight. Pam’s speech really awakened me to see the big picture;
  • I really enjoyed the music and the speaker: was an awesome message;
  • It was so good to be reminded what this season is really about. I enjoyed Pam’s speech;
  • The speaker was right on;
  • God was at work. Hearts were tormented by the Word;
  • Incredible message;
  • Sharing the Gospel was wonderful;
  • Pam really reached to me, and to be honest, I never thought about Christmas that way, and I thank you for that.


I am so grateful for the working of The Lord and for Him allowing me to be a part of His work. Whenever you support Vision4Living through your prayers, encouragement, or finances, you are part of this ministry too. And, when we go out in the name of Christ for His glory, “People Will Talk”.


Pam Cavanaugh

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