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Every fall brings its beauty. It’s colorful trees and cool temps bring relief from the heat and pleasant enjoyable days. In the words of Lucy Montgomery; “I’m glad I live where there are Octobers.” Recent falls have brought another delightful element to our lives and to the lives of many young Christian adults, a time that seems appropriate for the delights of fall: Passion4Christ Summit. This fall brought the tenth annual P4C, and it proved to be as enjoyable as the nine before. While this Summit marked our tenth anniversary, there was a much more significant anniversary being celebrated at the same time. It was the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. The Summit was an opportunity to relive the major doctrinal victories that the Reformation brought and to pursue a life of Biblical resolve like that of the reformers.

The question before us was: “Does the Reformation still matter today?” Do the five “solas” still need to be preached and defended with the same vigor and vision as they did 500 years ago. And if they matter, what difference do they make? Are they in danger of being watered down and their importance diminished? With the help of our guest Matt Shackleford and P4C regular Dewey Novotny, we focused on the Biblical importance and imperative of faith alone, grace alone, Christ alone, Scripture alone, and God’s glory alone. Two of the messages challenged us not only to believe these great truths but to live with the Biblical resolve that marked the lives of the reformers. We were further challenged in the breakout sessions to keep our spiritual house in order and to stay true to Christ in our everyday lives. In addition to guest Matt Shackleford of Columbus, OH and Dewey Novotny, our regular speakers were Daniel and Charles Cavanaugh with Micah and Pam Cavanaugh ministering in the breakouts. The Summit was not all study and preaching. It was our usual opportunity for recreation, relaxation, and renewal as well as fellowship with likeminded believers and worship that honored God and lifted the spirits of those who came.

The meal times are particularly enjoyable as old friendships are renewed and new friendships are begun. It is always a blessing for our attendees to spend time with likeminded young adults and to have genuine fellowship around the Biblical messages they hear. It doesn’t hurt to have good food to go with it. Late nights of volleyball lead to an all day tournament on Saturday, a bond fire with funny stories, and, the coup de gras, the volleyball championship. It all makes for a sleepy final session on Sunday morning followed by long goodbyes, hugs, and the trip home with hopes of returning next year. P4C Summit is not just a retreat or a conference. It is an experience: an experience of grace and growth which over 550 individual young adults(many multiple times) have shared in the past ten years. Some may wonder why they should go to the expense and take the time for P4C. I cannot answer that for someone else. I do know that each year brings the same joy and sense of God’s blessing that leaves few, if any disappointed.

Charles Cavanaugh

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