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There are those times where it seems the Lord is making things real clear regarding an area of our life that needs refining. I do not mean the Lord is not always clear, He is. But, when our heart has been watered and tilled through the faithful preaching of God’s word coupled with the Spirit’s working, there is conviction and clarification in your life that is both sobering but refreshing at the same time. Honestly, I love it! It can be such a paradox: hard and joyful all at the same time, but the fellowship and deepened desire is so sweet.

Last week, I shared with you how the Lord spoke to me through David Platt’s message on prayer at T4G. For some reason, The Lord continues to use Platt in my life. This past Good Friday, I had the opportunity to attend my first ever Secret Church, which was a live simulcast at my local church [via Brooks Hill Church in Birmingham, AL. David Platt was the speaker.]. If you have never done it before, put it on your calendar for next year. It is well worth your time. Mind you, it is like a fire hydrant that has been released in your mouth. However, to be challenged and pushed in the word for 6 hours straight is powerful and yes even needful. And what a joy it was to spend time in prayer with the brothers and sisters at my church, along with 60,000 others who were tuning in to the live simulcast, as we prayed for the persecuted church in Turkey.

I know the purpose of Secret Church is to raise awareness and to gain a taste of the hunger the persecuted church has for the word of God. However, I was personally challenged again in the need and call for prayer. We simply do not engage in the privilege and work of prayer. My friends, we have access to the King of kings! We have access to the very throne of God! He bids His children come and beseech His face, praise, and lift every burden that is upon our weary heart. Like a child who can come to His dad any time, so can we. We can be a part of bringing about the very predetermined will of God that will glorify His great name. What a gift! What a privilege!

We can pray for our persecuted brothers across the world. We can pray that the Gospel will take hold, by the Holy Spirit, of the lost we encounter every day. We can pray for the Lord to work among our churches and cities that we work in every day. We can pray, and pray we must. I am asking you to join me. Let us lift up our voices to the Lord and let us do it often. He longs to hear from His people. He delights in hearing from His people. He will listen to His people. So, let us be His delight and fill His ear with our cries, for he does not turn a deaf ear to the pleas of the saints.


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