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Its hard to believe that five years ago this past March we began the exciting journey of Vision4Living Ministries. So much has happened since then. Last October marked our fifth annual Passion4Christ Summit. 2012 saw us host our first Family Leadership Conference in a foreign country. This year, we are preparing the launch of our newest resource – Legacy Conference – which will be April 24-26, 2014. Our God has lavished His grace upon our efforts to equip the leaders and families of the church to transfer the gospel and all we treasure to the next generation. We have seen fruit abound in ways we never imagined possible. Our God has done exceedingly and abundantly above all we expected.


However, prayer has played a key role in this work. When we began V4L, we initiated a prayer team that has been praying regular for us throughout each year. In fact, many over the years have shared that they are praying, and we never knew it. We know that prayer is not just a part of the work… it is the work. This is where God’s people commune with Him and usher in His will for the kingdom. It is the means that our sovereign God has ordained to see His work accomplished. The faithful prayer of a righteous man does avail much.  Donald Whitney put it this way:


Some say, “if God is sovereign, why pray?” I say, the question should be the exact opposite, “if God is not sovereign, why pray?”


So in short, we are inviting you to join our prayer team. We do not ask you to consider quickly or lightly. It is a commitment that will require time and attention. As we grow as a ministry, we understand and feel the burden to bathe everything we do in prayer. But we cannot do it alone. We need a team of prayer warriors who will storm the throne of grace as we seek to do the work. In fact, you will be the forerunners of our ministry. You will pave the way as we do the will of God.


If you desire to join the ministry:

  • Consider the responsibility
  • Commit intentionally


Serving with you,

Daniel Cavanaugh

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