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Nearly six years ago Vision4Living ministries was begun with a vision for touching and changing the next generation for Christ.  It has been our prayer that God would bring growth through expanding opportunities to spread the Gospel and serve the church of Jesus Christ.  A faithful team of prayer partners has joined us, and God has been faithful to respond to our requests and open doors and bring growth to V4L.  As 2013 ends and 2014 begins, it is worthwhile to reflect on God’s past blessings and to anticipate what The Lord has for us in the year ahead.


  • Since the inaugural P4C in 2008, we have discipled and trained 500 young adults;
  • Since traveling to Ecuador in 2010, we have reached over 2500 kids with the Gospel and trained 500 pastors, leaders, and parents;
  • Through various speaking engagements and conferences in the last 5 years, we have reached a total of 3500+ people;
  • Our blog now receives 1000+ hits a month;
  • Since 2008, we have developed and launched the following resources that have had international influence – Passion4Christ Summit, Family Leadership Conference, Legacy 2014, and CrossTalk Podcast;
  • 2014 holds these new opportunities:  We will be hosting Family Leadership Conference in Tampa, FL and Legacy 2014 in Evansville, IN with a combined potential of reaching 800-1,000 individuals;
  • Since 2010, we have networked and built solid relationships with 20 pastors and Christian leaders in our metro area, nationally, and internationally in in order to support and undergird the church.


These opportunities are gifts and tremendous responsibilities from our Heavenly Father.  We are filled with gratitude at the blessings of the past year and the previous years that paved the way for our most significant year of growth.  We are both grateful and somewhat overwhelmed at what lies before us and are looking to God for the grace, wisdom, and physical strength to address these challenges.  We are looking to Him for the resources to invest in these opportunities.  It may be that The Lord will use you to invest your resources in these kingdom opportunities with a view to the doors He is opening in 2014.  May God be pleased to use these and other doors of ministry to fulfill the vision of touching and changing the next generation for Christ.


To God alone be glory,

Charles Cavanaugh, President

Vision4Living Ministries


For information on how you can support Vision4Living, please visit our support page at https://www.vision4living.org/support/



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