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Dear Friends,

By the Lord’s blessing, the P4C audios are coming to you for download much sooner this year then they did last. We are excited to make available these audio downloads [free of charge] for those who could not attend this year or if you did attend to continually reap the incredibly, rich Biblical teaching that was given at this year’s Passion4Christ Summit. God truly did a work among us. The worship of God was heavenly. The fellowship of his people sweet. The word of God truly life changing. We hope you continue to enjoy and be encouraged by these messages for years to come. Oh, and did we mention that if you fall into the category of a P4C attendee, we would like to see you there next year [October 26-30,2012]?

In Christ,

Daniel Cavanaugh

Note: On the message ‘Doctrine Denied’, there is a little feedback at the beginning of the message for about 30 sec. We were unable to get rid of that noise. We do apologize and hope you enjoy the messages all the same.


“The Scared Rhythm” – Charles Cavanaugh [Wednesday Evening]

“Created with Purpose” – David Cavanaugh [Wednesday Evening]

“God’s Plan for Ministry” – Dewey Novotny [Thursday Evening]

“The Will of God” – Daniel Cavanaugh [Thursday Evening]

“Life in the Spirit” – David Cavanaugh [Friday Morning]

“Doctrine Denied” – Charles Cavanaugh [Friday Evening]

“Commit to Faithful Men” – Dewey Novotny [Saturday Night]

“Built for Fellowship” – David Cavanaugh [Sunday Morning]

“Sacred Beginning of Worship” – Charles Cavanaugh [Sunday Morning]

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