Sola de gloria: P4C 2010

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How does one describe the work and blessing of God? On the one hand there is the danger of miss-stating and drawing to much attention to oneself. On the other, one can underestimate and fail to give God all the glory He so much deserves. With those cautions in mind, I will attempt to describe the blessings of Passion4Christ Summit 2010.

The Summit is a great responsibility and hard work. But it is blessed work. We could not believe that this year’s Summit could be as good as last year, but our great God showed us otherwise. This year’s Summit had eleven fewer attendees. Being human, we saw this as a negative. But the reduction did not impact the summit in a negative way. In spite of our weakness and short sightedness, God blessed in an incredible way by bringing us a wonderful group of Christian singles, whose hearts were ready to worship and hear from God. It was a privilege for our family to work again with a volunteer staff that makes things happen. It was our joy to work with Dewey Novotny and Dave Cavanaugh to minister the word. God blessed each message, and the people were so receptive. Our musicians [worship team] worked wonderfully together and there was a spirit of worship throughout the week. The singing was almost overwhelming in its participation, volume, and beauty. Though I was struggling with laryngitis; I could not restrain myself from participating. The staff at Pleasant Hill was in their office below us and commented on what a blessing it was to them.

God also led in the preparation and preaching of all the messages as evidenced by how they worked together to expound the theme “The Sacred Rhythm”. All were encouraged to have regular encounters with God, to think upon and thank Him for the evidences of His mercy and grace, and to walk with an awareness of His holy presence as we make Him known to our unholy world.

Community Groups met each morning to discuss the topics, increasing the interest and attentiveness. Breakout sessions were led by Pam Cavanaugh, Dewey Novotny, and a new addition Jeff and Leah Erickson who shared on the importance of healthy/Godly relationships within the body of Christ. Jeff and Leah did this in addition to overseeing the preparations of the splendid meals we all enjoyed.

We enjoyed two lovely theme dinners: a casual event to a “50’s Diner” and a formal occasion; an “Old Fashion Christmas” which took us back to the days of Dicken’s and Scrooge.

All in all, the week was a time of good Christian fellowship, emotional and physical refreshment, and spiritual enrichment. We thank our Lord for the privilege of being with and working with such lovely Christian brothers and sisters in Christ. We are also please to announce the dates for Passion4Christ Summit 2011 which will be October 26-30. We hope to see you there!

To Him be Alone the Glory,

Charles Cavanaugh

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  • Mike Fendrich

    Cavanaugh’s – Thank the Lord for success of the conference. It is truly amazing what God can accomplish.

    Peace, love and joy in Christ
    Mike Fendrich

  • Brittany C

    Cavanaughs ~ thank you SO much for being the channel of God’s grace!!! My heart is still overflowing with joy from the conference. Will DEFINITELY be there next year. =)

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the encouragement you guys. We thank God for each and everyone of you!


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