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Our family had the privilege to speak at the Family Leadership Conference in Tampa, FL at the end of February this year. Our host church was Lakeshore Bible Church. It was a joy to have fellowship and encourage this local body of believers…not to mention, we enjoyed some warmer weather during the frigid temperatures of a hard Midwest winter. We thought you might enjoy this resource for free. Feel free to download and share with others. You too can discover the biblical foundation of leading a family for the glory of Christ alone.


Finding & Pursuing Purpose – Charles Cavanaugh

The Absolute Importance of Doctrine – Daniel Cavanaugh

The Church and the Home Growing Together – Charles Cavanaugh

Cracked Pot – Pam Cavanaugh

A Family that Seeks the Lord – Daniel Cavanaugh

A Vision that Stands the Test of Time – Charles Cavanaugh

Diamond in the Rough – Pam Cavanaugh

Vision for Living – Charles Cavanaugh


Daniel Cavanaugh

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