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Since 2004, my brother – Micah – and I have had the privilege and joy to do two things together that we love: travel the world and share the good news of Christ. Not everyone knows the life joy of having your brother be your best friend, let alone knowing the adventure of traveling the world together. Destinations have ranged from the brutal cold temperatures of Russia to the tropic shores of Ecuador.


I am so excited to be traveling once again with my brother this summer for a three week trip back to Ecuador. Our family has been traveling to Ecuador and working with a group of local churches in that country for the last five years. What a joy it is to work with God’s people in other countries – to labor in the gospel together. Every time I return it’s like seeing family you have not seen in a long time.

The Journey

In case you are unfamiliar with what we will be doing in Ecuador, here is a quick rundown. The first week consist of conducting day camps in tandem with the largest church in Ecuador. Set in the beautiful mountains of the congested city of Quito, air is short but kids are in abundance. The second week takes us on a 7 hour – Give or take but heavy on the give – bus ride to the coastal city of Esmeralda. Where as Quito can be a bit chilly, Esmeralda provides us with all the heat and humidity that you might want. Working in tandem with the sister churches of Quito, our time is filled with putting on a kids program in the evenings while the churches convene for parent/leadership meetings. During the day, we visit the various public and private schools of the city… forging friendships and sharing the gospel. Week three is my – and I think I can speak for my brother – favorite week of the trip. Its camp week! That means 24/7 with about 80 kids at a camp set on a beautiful sandy beach. It’s here that lasting relationships are built and time is had to share and talk about the gospel on a daily basis. I bet you wish you could come?

Support us:

  • Pray the Spirit paves the way in the hearts & minds of those who will hear the truth. 
  • Pray for the team both in health & focus as they enter this intense time of ministry. 
  • Pray for our safety of travel. We depart July 12 returning Aug. 4 
  • Pray that the team would be unified in the person of Christ alone 
  • Pray for continued provision for the trip

Follow the Journey…

We will be traveling with Global Encounters Ministries. If you would like to keep up with all the comings and goings, you can follow the trip blog at Thank you so much for your support. Stay tuned: Micah and I will give a full report upon our return.

Daniel Cavanaugh


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